This is Wakatobi

If you are looking for amazing dive experience, you came to the right place. Wakatobi lies in the World Coral Triangle which has the best corals all over the world. Wakatobi hosts 942 fish species and 750 coral reef species which means amazing diving and snorkeling. The islands are still developing in tourism so you’ll never feel the crowds of tourists. People are giving and friendly and always like to talk to visitors.

If you’re interested in visiting or diving in Wakatobi islands feel free to contact me here:

Whatsapp: +62 853408 53831

You can also see my Instagram: @ahmaddivemaster

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This is me, Ahmad

Hello, there! My name is Ahmad and I’m am one of the few dive masters in Tomia, Wakatobi island. I have been diving for more than 20 years and I have worked in Patuno resort (Wangi Wangi) and Wakatobi Dve Resort (Tomia). Now I have a small but effective dive shop on Tomia – Wakatobi Marine Dive.

Before diving I was a teacher of English language. I have also spent many years in Maluku and can give you advice on where to dive there.

I am passionate about my profession and like to find things under water to show divers. My favorite is Nemo and I also have good eye for small shrimps. I also have an interest for underwater photography and I always try to make a few good pictures of you underwater (fan corals are very photogenic!).

The best way to contact me is on WhatsApp (WA : +6285340853831) since the internet signal on Tomia is still very weak. I can help you arrange your stay on Wakatobi as I have many contacts all over the islands.

With Mike and Katja, divers from Slovenia, and my boat crew (I’m the one in green shirt).


Boat and the boys. We have shade!


Say hello if you come to my shop in Tomia!


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Since the internet signal is still quite weak on Wakatobi you can call me or contact me on WhatsApp: +6285340853831.